What is POD ?

POD, short for 'Plans on Demand' is a range of High Quality Architecturally Designed Homes designed by Multi Award Winning Design firm 'Graham Jones Design', based in Melbourne, 'Graham Jones Design' have won over 80 Building Industry Design Awards and it was with great excitement when Clarke Carmody Constructions were selected to partner with 'Plans on Demand' and 'Graham Jones Design' to bring the POD Range of homes to the Albury Wodonga area.

The first of these Quality Architecturally Designed homes is now available for Inspection, see our Display Home page for more details.

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This is a generous property with room for the whole family (and then some), the Avignon is a stand-out design that works brilliantly as is, or use it as the starting point for your custom-built dream house.

House area: 365.62sqm / 39.36squares
Garage area: 57.35sqm / 6.17squares
Outdoor room: 37.98sqm / 4.09squares
Total area: 460.95sqm / 49.62squares
House length: 15.64m
House width: 21.88m
Min block width: 23.88m

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  • Single storey
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The Casa cleverly includes all those lovely extras that put the style into lifestyle.

House area: 213.11sqm / 22.94squares
Garage area: 45.63sqm / 4.91squares
Outdoor room: 26.84sqm / 2.89squares
Total area: 285.58sqm / 30.74squares
House length: 27.81m
House width: 13.74m
Min block width: 15.94m
Flat roof or pitch roof options

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  • Single storey
  • 278 sq m
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Gosh the Concorde’s got a lot going for it – three bedrooms, two bathrooms and comfort that lets you know you’re home. Style to suit your tastes or use this design as the starting point for your new custom-built home.

House area: 198.67sqm / 21.39squares
Garage area: 41.02sqm / 4.42squares
Outdoor area: 38.37sqm / 4.13squares
Total area: 278.06sqm / 29.93squares
House length: 21.33m
House width: 14.96m
Min block width: 17.36m

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  • Single storey
  • 311 sq m

The Eden’s great appeal is its expansive alfresco area and open-plan living – making it perfect for growing families or for entertaining weekend guests.

House area: 245.51sqm / 26.43squares
Outdoor room: 65.99sqm / 7.10squares
Total area: 311.50sqm / 33.53squares
House length: 27.32m
House width: 14.12m
Min block width: 16.52m

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  • Single storey
  • 322 sq m
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If your heart is set on three bedrooms (master with ensuite), rumpus, garage and a fantastic alfresco that’s perfect for bringing the outdoors in, then the Edward is sure to delight.

House area: 233.03sqm / 25.08squares
Garage area: 39.24sqm / 4.22squares
Outdoor area: 50.49sqm / 5.44quares
Total area: 322.76sqm / 34.74squares
House length: 27.85m
House width: 12.65m
Min block width: 13.85m

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  • Double storey
  • 321 sq m
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The Ibis is a family home with comfort, class and some delightful hidden extras like a generous alfresco area and powder room.

House area: 249.46sqm / 26.85squares
Garage area: 48.12sqm / 5.78squares
Outdoor room: 23.62sqm / 2.54squares
Total area: 321.2sqm / 34.57squares
House length: 12.61m
House width: 17.23m
Min block width: 20m

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  • Single storey
  • 332 sq m
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There’s plenty of room in the Icon and plenty of extras too, like a handy rumpus for the kids and a parents’ retreat for your own piece of serenity.

House area: 235.30sqm / 25.33squares
Garage area: 57.95sqm / 6.24squares
Outdoor area: 39.23sqm / 4.22squares
Total area: 332.48sqm / 35.79squares
House length: 25.73m
House width: 18.13m
Min block width: 19.33m

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  • Double storey
  • 310 sq m
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What’s not to love about the Nautilus? Breezy outdoor decks, great use of space, plenty of windows for best use of natural light and big-house feel.

House area: 211.54 sqm / 22.77squares
Carport area: 48.13sqm / 5.18squares
Total decking: 50.53sqm / 5.44squares
Total area: 310.20sqm / 33.40squares
House length: 10.60m
House width: 19.38m
Min block width: 22.5m

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  • Double storey
  • 315 sq
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Downstairs, it’s all go: kids’ bedrooms, kitchen, living and entertaining areas and utility rooms. Upstairs is where the Retreat comes into its own – the second floor is a peaceful parents’  retreat.

House area: 249.87sqm / 26.90squares
Carport area: 45.63sqm / 4.91squares
Outdoor room: 19.56sqm / 2.11squares
Total area: 315.06sqm / 33.91squares
House length: 20.85m
House width: 14.93m
Min block width: 16.3m

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  • Double storey
  • 409 sq m
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The Sanctuary is a spacious home with loads of charisma. It’s modern, confident and has a street presence that will impress in any locale. Features include large deck, two-car garage, rumpus and master with ensuite.

House area: 314.60sqm / 33.86squares
Garage area: 48.56sqm / 5.23squares
Outdoor room: 45.92sqm / 4.94squares
Total area: 409.08sqm / 44.03squares
House length: 18.55m
House width: 13.70m
Min block width: 15.62m

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  • Double storey
  • 338 sq m
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We’re not afraid to say it: the Sapphire is a gem of a design. Featuring four bedrooms and two bathrooms over two storeys, you’ll delight in the grand ground floor deck and functional use of space. This design can also be adapted to suit your specific needs.

House area: 238.67sqm / 25.69squares
Garage area: 47.71sqm / 5.14squares
Outdoor room: 52.30sqm / 5.63squares
Total area: 338.68sqm / 36.46squares
House length: 22.6m
House width: 13.8m
Min block width: 15m

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  • Single storey
  • 236 sq m
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A cracking design that packs plenty: beaut open-plan living area, generous three bedrooms, alfresco entertaining and two-car garage. The Tasman’s clever use of space gives it the edge over other medium-size designs. Take advantage of the Tasman’s exciting offerings or adapt and add to the design as you choose.

House area: 170.96sqm / 18.40squares
Garage area: 41.23sqm / 4.44squares
Outdoor area: 24.76sqm / 2.76squares
Total area: 236.95sqm / 25.50squares
House length: 25.28m
House width: 15.24m
Min block width: 16.44m

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  • Double storey
  • 351 sq m
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Housekeeping skills not quite Alice from the Brady Bunch? The Verve has your back. We’ve separated the living areas (downstairs) from the more “unwieldy” zones such as kids’ bedrooms and bathrooms (upstairs). Everything you need for entertaining is on the ground level and within handy reach.

House area: 283.26sqm / 30.49squares
Garage area: 37.89sqm / 4.08squares
Outdoor room: 29.92sqm / 3.22squares
Total area: 351.07sqm / 37.79squares
House length: 26.95m
House width: 8.72m
Min block width: 12m

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  • Double storey
  • 327 sq m
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Built over two floors, the Vogue makes great use of natural light and open-plan living. The ground floor is given over to communal living areas  while the more private zones such as bedrooms and family bathrooms are upstairs, a great option if you love to entertain.

House Area: 258.75sqm / 27.85squares
Garage Area: 38.41sqm / 4.13squares
Outdoor Room: 30.08sqm / 3.24squares
Total Area: 327.24sqm / 35.23squares
House Length: 20.50m
House Width: 9.22m
Min Block Width: 13.3m

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  • Single storey
  • 257 sq m
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There’s not a centimetre of wasted space in the Wellington, an appealing home that feels modern and spacious, and easily accommodates a growing family. Four bedrooms, two bathrooms and other great features including a rumpus, extended front porch and generous alfresco.

House area: 187.19sqm / 20.15squares
Garage area: 39.21sqm / 4.22squares
Outdoor area: 31.30sqm / 3.37quares
Total area: 257.70sqm / 27.74squares
House length: 25.15m
House width: 11.76m
Min block width: 12.96m

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