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Housekeeping skills not quite Alice from the Brady Bunch? The Verve has your back. We’ve separated the living areas (downstairs) from the more “unwieldy” zones such as kids’ bedrooms and bathrooms (upstairs). Everything you need for entertaining is on the ground level and within handy reach.

House area: 283.26sqm / 30.49squares
Garage area: 37.89sqm / 4.08squares
Outdoor room: 29.92sqm / 3.22squares
Total area: 351.07sqm / 37.79squares
House length: 26.95m
House width: 8.72m
Min block width: 12m

Additional Info

  • # of bedrooms: 4
  • # of bathrooms: 2
  • # of storeys: Double storey
  • Square metres: 351 sq m
  • Garages: 2

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